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How to reverse a Transfer order in AX 2012 ?

Transfer order is the process of transferring the items from one warehouse to another warehouse. It is used in AX to track/manage the items those are in Transit.

There are various stages of transfer orders:
1. Picking list
2. Picking list registration
3. Ship transfer order
4. Receive

Each stage has its own role to play in transferring the items between the warehouses.

In this post,we will see the possibility of reversing the transfer order after each stage.

A. Picking list 
After posting the picking list, the Output order/Inventory order will get generated. It gives the instructions to originating warehouse for picking the items.

In order to revert the changes happen in this stage, we need to delete the output orders created for each line item in the transfer order.

Note: you can revert the changes per item in the transfer order as per the requirement.

Steps to reverse the picking list posting:
1. Go to transfer order.
2. Click on Inventory --> Output order

3. Delete the Output order.

4. Once the output order will get deleted, whatever changes happen during picking list posting will get reverted.

B. Picking list registration

At this stage,items will get picked from the originating warehouse as per the instructions given in the Output order/Inventory order which will then updated in the system.

Steps to reverse the picking list registration changes:
1. Go to Transfer order.
2. Click on Posting --> Picking list registration.
3. Select the item to Unpick.
4. Click on Function --> Unpick.

5. Select the quality to unpick. (It can be full quantity or partial quantity)

6. Click ok.

In this way, we can unpick the items which were picked earlier.

C. Ship Transfer order
At this stage, quantity will get shipped from the originating warehouse and will be in transit till it reaches to its destination warehouse.

Once the quantity is shipped, we cannot call it back. There is no native functionality in AX to reverse a shipped transfer order.

Only way to reverse the effect is to receive the required quantity and then ship it back to original warehouse.

D. Receive
At this stage, we actually receive the items/goods in the Target warehouse. Once the posting is done at this stage, we cannot revert it back.

There is no functionality in AX to reverse the received transfer order.

There is only one way to reverse the effect is by sending the items back to originating warehouse by creating a new transfer order or by posting the transfer journal.

In this way, we can reverse the transfer order in AX 2012.

Please post if any queries and do let me know if any suggestions for improvement.

Happy Daxing!!!!!!

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  1. when trying to autoreveive my transfer order to put it from status "shipped" tot "received", I receive a message that transfer order has not been fully received, but when checking my product receipt everything seems ok... what can I do now?

  2. I have a scenario where I have fully shipped already but partially receive. I got issue when trying to receive the remaining quantity due to the same Licence Plate exists in 2 locations. Do you have any ideas how to resolve the issue? I'm using AX 2012 R3 CU8.

  3. Very Good explanations