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Delete/Cancel the Transfer order in AX 2012 R3

Transfer order will get deleted before posting the Picking list, Picking list registration and Ship transfer order.

Note: If the picking list or picking list registration is posted for the transfer order then we need to revert the changes made after the posting of the picking list or picking list registration in order to delete the transfer order.

We can also delete the transfer order which is fully received.

A. Picking list

Once the picking list gets posted, we will not be able to delete the transfer order

System throws below error:

System throws this error as the output order is already present for the items in the transfer order which needs to be processed first.

Note: Even if only one item out of multiple items in the transfer order has the output order present, the system throws this error.

In order to delete the transfer order, we need to first delete the output order generated after posting the picking list.

B.Picking list registration

System will not allow to delete the transfer order after posting the picking list registration. 

System throws below error:

In order to delete the transfer order, we need to:
a. First unpick the items which were picked earlier. 
b. then  delete the output order for each line item.
c. then we can delete the order.

C.Ship transfer order
Once the transfer order is shipped, we cannot delete it.

System throws below error:

There is no way to delete the transfer order after this stage as we cannot revert the changes made in this stage in the order.

Once the transfer order is received, system will allow to delete the order.

Note:Only fully received transfer order will get deleted from the system (Transfer status "Received")

Reuse of transfer order  
Once the items are fully received, we can remove the items from the order. This will again revert the transfer status to "Created". We can again add the items in the order and then process it further.

Please post if any queries and suggestions to be made.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your post which was very useful. I still got some problem,

    I am having output order having trans records with status completed. In code , if it was in that status,
    then we cant delete the record. So how to delete the transfer order while the trans record having the status completed?

    1. Hi,

      You need to first delete the output order for each line then you will be able to delete the transfer order.

      Go to transfer order --> Select the specific transfer order line --> Click on Inventory --> Output order --> Click on delete button to delete the output order.

      (In case of multiple lines, repeat the steps for each transfer order line)

      Once done try deleting the transfer order.

      Let me know if you face any specific error while doing the above steps.

      Keep Daxing !!

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  3. Hi Abhijeet Hele,

    Like you stated for delete the transfer order line when the status was received, I wouldn't see the items has been reversed in the on-hand inventory transitions. The transfer order status has been changed to created when i delete the order lines expect this, items not yet transferred to the originate warehouse. let me know, how to reverse the items in transfer order when the status was received.

    1. Deleting the transfer order when it is in received state will not reverse the item in originating warehouse as we are only deleting the order and not making any reversal.
      You require to create new transfer order by interchanging the originating and target warehouse and process it to make this reversal.

  4. Thanks for the information. May i know whether we can refer deleted Transfer Order on any list of history?

    1. Hi Nur,
      Please refer Transfer order history in Inventory management --> Inquiries --> Transfer orders--> Transfer order history.


  5. Hi. I want to cancel a TO for an originating warehouse which has been shut down. Item's inventory is 0 in the WH. TO is in created status and has not been picked. I tried cancelling quantity using Deliver function but still see no effect.Plz suggest .

    1. Hi, If the transfer order is just created and no further processing has been done then you can directly delete the transfer order. Other option is to go to delivery reminder in the transfer order line and then cancel quantity. Hope it helps.