Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Transfer journal in AX 2012 R3

Hello Friends, here is yet another learning from my side and this time I am going to shed some light on Transfer journal functionality of AX.

Transfer journal serves various purposes in AX

1. It is used for short distance transfer where there is no shipment involve.

2. It is used to transfer the inventory between one storage dimension(Site/Warehouse/Location) to other storage dimension(Site/Warehouse/Location)

3. It is used to change the tracking dimensions of the item i.e. Batch/serial number (Eg: to rectify the batch/serial number wrongly updated in the system)

4. It is also used to change the item's product dimensions. (Eg: if the item is registered with color 'Red' and you want to change it to color 'Blue')
Steps to create and Post transfer journal:
1.Go to inventory management --> Journals --> Item transactions --> Transfer
2. Add journal name --> Click on Lines

3. Add Item number
4. Add From and To Product dimensions if you want to change the dimensions ( Configuration, Size, Color, Style) for the item.
5. Add From and To Storage dimensions (Site/warehouse/Location) if the transfer is happening between Sites/Warehouses/Locations 
6.Add From and To Tracking dimensions (Batch/Serial number) if you want to change the Batch/Serial number for the item.

7. Here in this journal, we are transferring the item D0003 between Site1/Warehouse 12 to Site2/Warehouse 21 so,

 a. Item Number: D0003
 b. From Site:1 / From Warehouse: 12, 
 c. To Site: 2 / To Warehouse: 21
 d. Quantity: -10.
 d. Other dimensions (From and To configuration, Size, color etc) will be as it is.

Note: Before the transfer, the On-hand inventory for the item D0003 at the Site1/Warehouse 12 was 10.

7. Now Validate and Post the Journal.

8. Check the On-hand inventory, you can see 10 quantity is transferred from Site1/Warehouse 12 to Site2/Warehouse 21

9. Check the Inventory transactions (Transaction status is 'Sold' for Site1/Warehouse 12 and 'Purchased' for Site2/Warehouse 21)

10. Ledger postings happen between the following accounts:
      Inventory issue
      Inventory Receipt
      Inter-unit payable
      Inter-unit receivable
Note: There might be different set of accounts depending on the transaction in the transfer journal.

In this way, you can utilize transfer journal to carry out various business operations.

Happy Daxing!!!

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  1. HI,

    How can i overview the transfers pertaining only form one warehouse to other warehouse.

    1. Hi,
      One option I could think of is to create a query filter and then used in while running the transfer order overview.