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Adding multiple lines in Sales order using "Add Products" feature in AX 2012

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Today, I am going to explain easy but very important feature of AX, "Add Products" feature. This feature always play important role when dealing with large pool of orders having multiple lines in day to day business. 

Example: Let's assume Customer placed an order for 100 Products with its specific quantity. Now customer service team has to record this order in the system. Entering 100 products in the sales order is very time consuming task and when there are multiple orders waiting to enter in the system, it can lead to lots of frustration for the guy entering those orders. Keeping this in view, AX provides "Add Products" feature which facilitates the addition of multiple lines (Product and Product variant) quickly in the order.

Videographic representation of "Add Products" feature.

  • Create a sales order for the customer who has placed an order.
  • Now instead of clicking on Add line or Add lines, click on Add Products.
  • It will redirect you to Add Products form.
  • It has three sections, 
                1. Product categories, 
                2. The products pertaining to category selected in the first section.
                3. In the third section, selected products which will come in the sales order

  • Now select the products/Product variant --> click on Add 
  • After clicking on Add, it will take products in the Selected product section (Third section).
  • Now for all the products that we have selected, we need to enter the quantity and product dimensions( Configuration, size, color and style) 

Note: Default dimensions will flow automatically against the product

  • Now click ok to get the lines in the order
  • Now go to sales order, you can see items will appear in the order with specific dimensions and quantity.
In this way you can enter multiple line quickly in the order.

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